Valley Brewing Co.

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Elevating Valley Brewing Co. from its garage-brewing roots, this project was a journey of transforming a local Yakima, WA brewery into a recognizable and beloved brand. Focused on capturing the essence of the Yakima Valley—its mountains, beauty, and, of course, hops—we crafted a visual identity that stands out in the competitive beer market.

From sketching an ice-peak mountain superimposed on a hop cone to designing outdoor signage and wayfinding, the work extended to labels, merchandise, and the immersive taproom experience. Valley Brewing Co. now stands as a destination with a cohesive brand that echoes the blend of styles within its modern-industrial space.

As an extension of the brand, there are plenty of fresh Label Designs to be created as well!

Valley Brewing Co. 
A local craft brewery and tasting room in Yakima, WA, crafting classic PNW beers with a unique twist, all while capturing the essence of the Yakima Valley.
Yakima Valley Tourism & Valley Brewing Co.
  • Identity System
  • Logo Design
  • Illustration
  • Custom Typography
  • Packaging System
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Brand Merchandise & Apparel

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