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I’m Seth Austin, an interdisciplinary designer living in Tacoma, WA.

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I’m a problem solver exploring clever and straightforward solutions.

As an interdisciplinary designer with a background in fine art, I see the power in artistic integrity in commercial design.

I partner with brands and people to help tell their stories and solve problems, using my constant curiosity and exploration to create meaningful systems and outcomes.
With 8+ years of experience as a self-proclaimed specialized generalist, I’ve had the oppurtunity to work on a wide range of projects.

I design solutions through art direction, web, branding, illustration, animation, and everything in between.

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Let’s connect ︎ A specialized generalist ︎ ©SethAustinDesign | All Rights Reserved ︎ Let’s connect ︎ A specialized generalist ︎ ©SethAustinDesign | All Rights Reserved ︎