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I’m Seth Austin, an interdisciplinary designer with knack for blending creativity and functionality.

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Crafting Unique Design Solutions for Modern Challenges

I'm all about blurring the lines between artistry and practicality, focusing on digital experiences, brand identities, and user-centered design.

My passion lies in crafting unique design solutions, bringing brands and individuals' stories to life in a way that's both captivating and functional.
With over 8 years of diverse experience, I thrive on navigating a wide array of projects, allowing me to specialize as a generalist.

My toolbox is filled with everything from UX/UI to art direction, branding to illustration, and beyond. Whatever challenges a project calls for, I'm ready to start exploring!

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Let’s connect ︎ A specialized generalist ︎ ©SethAustinDesign | All Rights Reserved ︎ Let’s connect ︎ A specialized generalist ︎ ©SethAustinDesign | All Rights Reserved ︎