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The Chuck and Ernestina Kreutzkamp Foundation works to improve the outlook of orphans, youth, and those living below the poverty line, as well as funding for organizations researching a cure for cancer.

We are working collaboratively to better the future of the most vulnerable in the communities we serve. They also believe that philanthropy is not just a hobby for rich tycoons at the end of their careers. Private giving is a mass phenomenon that provides great joy in life, and is one of the most effective ways to solve some of the most pressing issues in the U.S.

The CEK Foundation is paving the way for younger philanthropists.

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The ethos of the CEK Foundation is true to the values of Chuck and Ernestina Kreutzkamp. He was a driven yet simple individual from humble beginnings who frequently crossed the San Diego border with Tijuana by horse. He was constantly aware of his community’s struggles and had a burning desire to affect change.

In Ernestina, he found a kindred spirit and a life companion. In 2017, when they saw an opportunity to better the circumstances of the most vulnerable by working with local communities and charitable organizations, the CEK Foundation was born. To this date, she tirelessly continues to honor the late Chuck’s memory in her philanthropic efforts.

Although the CEK Foundation has been actively working and giving since 2017, they wanted to continue to do more. They had little web presence, and felt that they could reach a wider audience with an updated website.


When building the website, we sought to build a platform for CEK to amplify their communication efforts and become a source for those seeking to partner with them. We sought to create a community with this website for those interested in philanthropy.

With most of their efforts being lead by Ernestina Alonso, the daughter of Chuck and Erestina Kreutzkamp, we saw an oppurtunity for the website to speak to the younger generation of philanthropists and become a resource for those looking to learn more about philanthropy in general.


See it in action

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