Sweeping the industry.

Ocus is a revolutionary haircutting experience, allowing those seeking a cut to be matched with a peer-reviewed stylist all within minutes. The mold-breaking factor—no barbershop. Ocus delivers a quick, simple, no BS haircut of your choice directly to you. Whether it be your home, your office, or the nearest outlet, the Ocus app allows you to arrange your hair cut at your own convenience. No more scheduling appointments. No more waiting an hour or longer for a walk-in appointment. No more driving to a shop just to find out they won't be able to fit you in at all.

Fresh out of the gate in Seattle, WA, Ocus is experimenting with an un-tapped market. With the rise of prioritizing convenience, there’s no simpler way to get a haircut. Working with the founders, I sought to develop an identity that felt contrasted to your typical barber experience, because Ocus is anything but that. Ocus truly breaks away from the barber experience, and is honed in on innovation, simplicity, affordability, and convenience.

Safety scissors.

Ocus doesn’t only serve those looking to get a haircut, but the stylists as well. Ocus prioritizes the relationship between the two, and keeps requesting and fulfilling simple, transparent, and safe. When you use Ocus, you know exactly who’s cutting you’re hair and whose hair your cutting. There are three simple steps when using Ocus. First, you inquire your cut. Whether it’s a buzzcut, a combover, a pompadour, or your own unique cut, our Stylists can be on their way to you in a matter of minutes. Secondly, after browsing through a network of highly ranked stylists and choosing the one that best fits your needs, you meet them at your desired location. Lastly, once you’re all trimmed up, you share your new look, give your stylist a review, and look fresh! The Ocus community is what ensures you’re getting the top stylists every time.

Like most new ideas and services, there can be some hesitation. However, as an innovator for their industry, Ocus’s prioritizes a safe and trusting environment for all of their users. In developing this illustration style, safety was my biggest inspiration. I wanted the illustrations to be explanatory, yet abstract; trustworthy, yet playful; and on brand, yet experimental.

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