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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is the scientific name for 10 factors of toxic-stress that produce really bad things that happen to kids and can impact us for our entire lives.

We created a widespread campaign in attempt to spread awareness of ACEs, help people find and understand their number, and most importantly communicate that our numbers do not define us. It is simply an entry point to our own personal story. Where it leads is up to you.

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With a project this expansive, there were so many moving pieces. I was brought onto the project when it was in the later stages of being conceived, but it still had no name, no messaging, and no campaign behind it.

There is so much information, research, science, emotion, and nuance surrounding the topic, so it was crucial to ensure we chose the best and most accurate messaging to build the campaign with. Doing or saying anything that conflicted with the research could be detrimental to the whole project.


Number Story was a huge undertaking, and since after being brought on to the project, I had worked on it pretty consistently for almost 2 years. The first step to this process was diving deep into the content where we spent months meeting, talking, sharing, and understanding the work.

The biggest challenge was taking the science of ACEs and making it something people can understand. With, we were able to build a deep well of resources to help people understand their own healing journey and promoted it via a campaign that educated and empowered.

We launched multi-channel campaigns and created powerful content to support our goals and extend our reach, and in total, nearly TWO BILLION impressions were created on behalf of and The ACE Resource Network.  

See it in action

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