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Valley Brewing Co.

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A local brewery and tasting room in Yakima, WA quenching the thirst of hop country with a combination of traditional brews and experimental recipes. Valley Brewing Co. has established themselves in the competitive beer market in Yakima, and I have grown their visual identity along with it.

United Nations Councils


A unified and cohesive system for organizing and identifying the efforts of the United Nations. Separated into five councils, this structure helps concentrate energy and funds to ensure the UN is helping build the better world its founders envisioned 75 years ago.

Yakima Valley Hops

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Located in the Heart of Hop Country, Yakima Valley Hops has access to some of the freshest and highest quality hops on the planet. As a world-wide hop distributer, Yakima Valley Hops sought a refresh on their original identity, as well as a more cohesive branding system.

Zillah School District


ZSD is small rural district serving Zillah, WA. With a growing number of students, recent construction, and an inconsistent brand voice, ZSD needed a cohesive identity. This branding system serves both the entire school district as well as the sport teams.



An innovative haircutting service, Ocus connects you with reliable and professional stylists to cut your hair from home. Focused on community and safety, the Ocus app allows communication between stylists and customers, allowing users to find the perfect match for their haircutting needs.